Makeover and Photo shoot

Looking to have a Makeover Photo shoot? Were the perfect solution, get your exclusive hair and makeup done by our specialised artists to look the best for your day and capture these memories forever by hiring our talented photographer’s to throw some clicks to capture your looks forever. We promise to surprise you with our clicks showing the style you look the best in; so before you lose this great opportunity book now and expect to make an impression, we promise we will make your memories special.



Looking to make your big day the best memory of your life? Why not book CBZ Studio? We make sure your beauty is captured on your special day. Our talented photographers won’t make your effort of being a bride go to waste; they will make your memories much more special which will make you proud for what you chose for your big day. We will place your special memories in a decorative album ready for you to be proud and amazed. Your bridal shoot will be enjoyable for you to remember for a lifetime.



Fashion show coverage:

We have been into fashion business for years. We capture the perfect step of the walk and posture of the model with best exposure of light. This gives you all the details of the dress. Whenever you look at the images taken on the day, you will be amazed every time and will feel as if you are there at the show. We don’t only capture the details of the dress, but also the vibes of the models winning the ramp with their sharp and confident steps which makes the dresses look more live and presentable in the images.

Product Shoot:

Product shoot plays the most important role in any business. As this is how consumer connects with the company. If the product is not captured perfectly, it does not look desirable. Even the very best quality products will not look good if the product shoot is not done properly. We make sure that your product looks the best and stands out. With our experience we can give that shine to your product that it requires to catch the eyes of the consumers. In the commercial world it is very important to make sure your product looks the best not only in real life but also in the print, online and media. As that is where you get the mass reach from the consumer. Here is where you can use our services to improve the image of your product to it`s best.


Family and Baby Portrait Photography:

This is a very special service as a family is dear to everyone. Our service is to capture all those joy full moments from the time your baby is born till every year they grow older. When you look in the past and see your family growing, that is the best joyful gift of all. We also do family and baby portrait shoots on location where you and your family are most comfortable. It can even be your home and we will bring all our equipment to setup and make sure that we capture the best moments and natural pleasant smiles. We will capture the best frames and make them a memory of life time.


Graphic Design:

We also provide graphic design services. As in a business presentation is the key factor to attract a client. To make it happen your businesses should be presented in a way that its visual graphics, design and layout speak for itself. With the help of visual communication, clients would be more informed what the business is about and would like to know more about it. We provide services for Visual communications, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Catalogue Design, Catalogue Production, Magazines, Advertising, Marketing Management and Social Media Marketing, High end Retouching, Image Editing, Branding, Flyers, Posters, Bill Boards, Banners and Business Cards.